Really awesome dog and dog agility decals.

DECAL APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS1. Air temp above 70°F (21°C), with very low humidity.
2. Clean surface very well, allow to dry.
3. Decide placement and mark.
4. Lay decal face down on flat surface. Slowly, peel off paper backing. Check that ALL of the decal is attached to the transfer tape.
5. Stretch slightly and apply decal.Starting from center of the decal and working toward edges, firmly rub with plastic card for full contact with surface, removing air bubbles.
6. Starting at corner, peel off transfer tape. Firmly rub again with fingertips to remove any more air bubbles (or use a pin to pop, then smooth.)
7. Email barkoutlouddecals [!at] if you need help.  

What is a vinyl decal?
Vinyl decals, also known as a stickers, are a thin film with pressure sensitive adhesive. Decals can applied to any smooth, non-porous surface; indoors or outdoors. Vinyl decals will last about 6 years on car windows. Other surfaces will vary depending on sun exposure and how often the surface is handled, such as water bottles and phone cases.

What can I stick my vinyl decal to?
Vinyl decals will permanently adhere to any smooth surface such as glass, plastic or metal. You can stick them on car windows, water bottles, binders, phone cases, laptops, tablet cases, etc. 

How do I remove vinyl decals?
Some surfaces may be damaged by removal of vinyl decals. For glass, use a flat blade razor to scape decal off. The same technique can be used on metal, taking care not to scratch the surface. For plastics, vinyl decals can be peeled off. Use adhesive solvent to remove any glue residue.

The Bark Out Loud Decals Story
Bark Out Loud Decals was founded in 2019 by Norah C. Strebel, a professional graphic artist with a passion for agility and other dog sports. Norah has always enjoyed looking at the funny and unique shirts people wear to dog shows, but became frustrated by the lack of really awesome dog agility designs. So, using her artistic skills, Norah started to make her own. It wasn't long before agility friends started asking to buy her designs and Bark Out Loud Decals was born.

Today, Bark Out Loud offers an ever-growing collection of well-designed, funny, awesome dog agility, other dog sports,  and pet themed decals and shirts that any one who loves dogs can relate too. 

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